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Features of Upseller

Upseller is the Re:Guest Plan that transforms the pre-stay phase into a huge opportunity to boost guest loyalty and sales.

With Upseller you profile your guest perfectly, win them over with targeted communication, automate and increase the sale of additional services.

Automated pre-stay sales:

  • Sequence of multiple pre-stay mailings
  • Automatic wish list message
  • Automatic upselling message with additional services

Automated pre-stay sales:

  • Instant chat
  • Reserved guest area including booking history
  • AI-powered Writing Assistent


Guest management:

  • Interface with your PMS or IBE
  • CRM and automated guest profiling
  • Analyses and statistics
  • Automated pre/on/post-stay mailings
  • Online Check-in/out
  • Digital concierge
  • Automated hotel review request
  • Offer templates and text blocks
  • Live translator for up to 6 languages